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here are the results of the predicted turn or acceleration points sent to our
subscribers last night for the 29th of Janauary 2015
for the S and P 500 Emini Futures
today was another outstanding and profitable day
with over 96 points potential
Our algorithm calculates the turn or or acceleration points in the market in advance,
these are calculated up to 24 hours and more in advance
they are calculated using very complex mathematical algorithms and also are based on the balance
points the market may reach as calculated by the
sometimes the points can come early or late as you can see in todays results, if some
of the times were taken early or late there would be the
potential of even more points . When there is an obvious move down and then
coming up to a potential turn time then a move in the opposite direction confirmed
by your own indicators is likely

to succeed more
often than not the same is true the opposite an obvious move
up coming to a potential time you would be looking for
a turn oppourtunity
when two or 3 potential times are clustered together you would
firstly be looking for very fast quick turns or if there is no obvious turn
then usually these will continue through as accelerations
When we say obvious we mean that it's obvious if you are expecting a turn time
without the market map of these times then to a certain extent as we have
done ourselves in the past, you are trading blind.
stop trading blind, whilst these are not live alerts or signals they
are a very powerful and potentially lucrative map of the markets and the
times it may turn or accelerate.
get them for yourself by signing up at thank you

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If you are going to do it; do it right. Day trading straight away implies following certain rules that cannot be let go of easily in any scenario. Sometimes we see that traders are the ones to throw the very rules out the window when it comes to even a little nip and tug at the trading floor. That only spells disaster for the parties involved. It is always a wiser decision to enter, exit and eventually escape in case of the worst-case scenario. You must know when and at what price to enter into the trading and the next step is to find the right moment to get out. The worst scenario arises when the trade goes haywire or doesn't work out as you had expected. Escaping the daytrading scene is also known to many as using a stop price.

Many a times you just don't know when to say ok to a certain price. Before you enter the trade floor, you need to decide beforehand the price target and the time target as well in order to lock reasonable profits on your investments. Escaping thus becomes essential for the investor to be able to minimize their losses. The right timing of getting in and getting out of the trade ensures profits, but do avoid trading during the first 15 minutes of opening of the market at all costs. This time period is not suitable for daytrading as there are a good number of panic trades often circling the floor and many market orders that are a night old. Beginners should avoid this time of the day if eying on quick profits. Thus having a selling plan in mind would do you a huge favor when it comes to successful daytading.

Using limit orders instead of market orders can make you a real player in the daytrading scene. You get to choose the right price for your stock. You can select the highest price at which you are willing to let go your holdings and the lowest prices that are applicable to the stock that you are interested in for the day. This practice is thus highly recommended, especially to beginners. Another ditch that lures the beginners in is the margin. It is highly contagious and hence it is highly recommended not to fall for the sales pitch unless you have enough experience of daytrading. When you decide to borrow money from your brokerage firm to finance a part or all of a trade, it is called using a margin. A margin if used correctly can hike your potential returns but therein lays the catch; if a trade goes awry, your margin will swell up your losses as well.

Be prepared to lose all you have got before you decide to go ahead with it. We all know it is nothing short of a gamble, a legal one at that though. Winning and making profits is nice but losing the stock value turns everything ugly and then panic sets in. This is a common sight and is generally followed by a series of impulsive trades that costs them more money. At the end of the day, it is all business and no business has zero element of risk. So if you want to make it big in daytading, be willing to lose big.

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