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I'm Robert Young
founding director of texas note company
thanks for tuning in
why loan servicing you know if you're a real estate investor and you do you do a
lot of subject twos or mortgage assignments
or create rap transactions uh... for your customers everything
you need a loan servicer
in the middle to collect the payments from your borrower
and then make sure that those payments
get distributed accordingly and professional man
so it would provide here that Texas note company
we act as you or loan department
that allows

you to
focus on your business and maintain your business and no with a good conscience
that you know all the servicing all the collection of payments all the
uh... is being handled professionally
by the texas note company as the service we provide and if you're doing
any of those types of transactions or even just straight owner financing many
of our investors have multiple accounts where
innovative ahead owner finance multiple properties and they want to keep it and
one portfolio and use one focal point

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