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Video How to do a Coolant Flush - Advance Auto Parts (Online work from home for moms preston)

M/?v Watch how to do a Coolant Flush on your vehicle with help from ToughOne and Advance Auto Parts.

A very important part of maintaining your cooling system and extending the
life of your water pump is flushing the system regularly and installing
clean coolant. The cooling system on nearly every vehicle on the road today
operates basically the same. You'll have a water pump and it's job is to
circulate the coolant through the system. You'll have a thermostat. It's
job is the maintain the engine temperature. You'll have a radiator and a
fan that cools the coolant as it circulates through the system. You'll have
a recovery tank that is part of the radiator. You'll have a heater core,
where the heat is distributed to the passenger compartment. You'll also
have hoses that transport your coolant through the system.
When servicing any of the components in the cooling system, it's extremely
critical that you properly flush the system of the old coolant. This will
remove any of the contaminants that could shorten the life of the water
pump or the other components. In order to properly flush a system, you will
be required to use a flushing kit. These are generally available where you
purchase your coolant.
We'll start by removing the radiator cap to relieve any pressure in the
system. Before doing any cooling system repairs, make sure that the engine
is thoroughly cooled.

When inserting the flushing T into the system, you'll
need to locate the heater hose that goes from the block to the heater core
and installing the flushing T into it. Install the backflow preventer that
comes with your flushing kit to the flushing T. Attach the water hose to
the backflow preventer and begin the flush. Be sure and capture any coolant
and dispose of properly. In order to backflush through the engine block,
we'll place a clamp on the heater hose between the flushing T and the
heater core. Once the water is running clear, remove the clamp between the
flushing T and the engine block. This will allow us to flush the heater
core. Once the water runs clear again, the flush is complete. Turn off your
water supply and disconnect it from the T.
Depending on how you elected to install the flushing kit, either remove the
flushing T or cap. Drain all of the tap water and the residual coolant out
of the radiator and engine block. And clean the coolant recovery tank. With
the cooling system completely drained, you're now ready to begin the
repair. If you were flushing the system as a routine maintenance, you're
now ready to refill the system according to manufacturer's specifications.

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