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Video What Happens If Your Visa Is Refused? (Options after j1 visa)

M/ Has your Canadian or US visa been denied? m/ - visit here for more information! Canadian Visa Denial: What.

Hi this is Michael Niren, I'm an immigration lawyer and founder of Today, I'm going to talk to you about visa refusals. It's
not a very happy topic, but it happens all too frequently. Depending upon
the kind of visa you apply for, there is always a chance that your visa
will be refused. And there's many reasons why.
For example, if you apply for a temporary visa, the immigration officer may
believe that you are not going to be a genuine visitor and that you will
overstay your status when you come to either Canada or the United States
when you apply for a US or Canadian visa. Another reason could be that you
could have an immigration history: you've tried lying before and you were
refused, and perhaps there was some irregularities on the forms, or even
you've been to Canada or the United States in the past and you overstayed
your status.
There's many, many reasons why there is a visa refusal. However, the good
news is that it doesn't mean that is the end of the story. There's always a
possibility of reapplying, of providing additional information, of making
your case more compelling, and getting an approval. It's not easy. We do

lot of visa refusals. Our US team handles the US visa refusals and our
Canadian team handles the Canadian visa refusals. And all types of visas.
So just because you got a visa refusal doesn't mean there's not an option
for you to get it resolved.
The other possibility is an appeal. That's more of an extreme approach,
that if you get it refused, you can appeal it to the courts. In some cases
that's appropriate, but in most cases a reapplication with additional
information and clarification is important. Obviously the best thing to do
is avoid refusals, and how you avoid refusals is to prepare a very strong
application before you submit it and if you have an interview, be prepared
for that interview.
So hopefully this will give you some confidence and hope that if your visa
was refused, there is an out. It doesn't mean 100% of the time you will
ultimately be approved, but we do a lot of cases where visas are refused
and we get them resolved. So if you need any additional information, feel
free to go to our website at Thank you and have a great

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