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Video What are the options for playing sports in college? (Options sports)

This video is about WEEK 3: 038 What are the options for playing sports in college?

The level of competition in college athletics, and the various NCAA Divisions, is a giant
step up from high school athletics. And regardless of the division, if you play a sport in college,
it’s a full-time commitment. You’ll train 12 months a year, and you’ll be devoted
to the sport until the time you graduate. If that sounds like you, and that’s what
you want, then you should go for it! In this video, I’m gonna describe the different
ways you can play a sport, while you’re in college.
If you’re a top athlete, then chances are you’ll be recruited to play your sport,
by a college scout. In fact, you may start getting approached by college scouts as early
as 10th grade. If you’re not recruited, you’ll have to
contact the coaches at your target schools, and make sure they know who you are. Send
them your athletic resume, with a schedule of your games, and maybe they’ll come visit
you when they’re in the area. Many college websites also have a recruiting
form for students, who are interested in playing at their college. Check the colleges that
you’re interested in, and see if the athletic department has posted this form
O.K., so what if you submit the form, and you still don’t receive any offers to play
for a college? Now what? During

the summer before you arrive on campus,
you should contact the head coach of the team you’re interested in. Send him or her an
email with your resume, documenting your athletic ability, and ask if it’s possible to try
out for the team. You may just get yourself a try out.
Ok, so what if you try out, but you still don’t make the team? Well, the good news
is that there are other ways that you can still play sports while you’re in college.
For example, you could join a club sport. Club sports are sports that don’t have varsity
status on campus, but are still funded by contributions from players, or alumni. Rugby,
fencing, wrestling, and archery are common club sports at many schools.
Many colleges also offer an intramural athletic league, made up of randomly selected teams,
representing dorms, or other clubs on campus. These leagues can be more or less competitive,
depending on the college and the sport, but will almost always welcome recreational players
who are interested in the sport, and eager for a little athletic competition.
So if you really want to play sports in college, and want to be part of a team, there are lots
of great options out there.

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