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Video Run Windows On Mac - The Easiest Way To Run Windows On Your Mac Computer (Order binary options demo davis junction)


So in this tip, I'm going to show you how to access your bios. Now, first of all, what
actually is your bios on your computer? Well, bios stands for "basic input output system,"
and what it is, it's a low level way of configuring your computer. And what I'm talking about
here isn't your font size or anything like that, it's about the system clock, it's about
how fast your processor is running and what kind of hard disk drive your computer thinks
it has.
Now, normally, this is stuff that you wouldn't need to access everyday, but sometimes, for
example, you are reinstalling your operating system, you may need to enter the bios to
change the boot order to make sure your computer boots from a CD rather than from the hard
disk drive. Other people who may use this are people called "Over Clockers" who want
to try and get their computer to run a little bit faster than it normally would, but make
sure you heed my warning later on. So, let's take a look at how to do it.
So the time to access your bios is just as the computer is starting up from being powered
off. Now, it's different on every computer. On the Dell computer here, you do it by pressing
Now on other computers, there are different ways of getting into the bios. It's best to
have a google search to find out what they are. But quite frequently, it's F2.
So, you can see on the screen here, some of the information that the bios gives you, so
for example, I can see here the kind of

processor that this computer is running, exactly what
memory is installed on the computer, and also, what we were talking about earlier on, which
is the boot sequence. So, for example, here, it's going to be from the hard disk drive
first of all. If we were installing a new operating system, we'd want to make it boot
from the CD drive, first of all.
Other things that you can have a look at are which hard disk drives are installed, any
other on board devices and so on, but I think you get the idea. It's really low level configuration
and stuff that we're looking at here. Now, one word of warning, some bios let you tamper
with and fiddle with all kinds of settings and it's really dangerous to do that if you
don't know what you're doing.
I always make a note of what settings I'm changing, what they were before I changed
them, in case the computer doesn't quite respond properly after I booted it back up again.
In a worse case, you can actually fry the inside of your computer, if you start tampering
with the processor's settings. But, with all of those warnings in mind, do have a look
It's a great way of learning more about how your computer works. And that's how to enter
the bios on your computer. Tech expert, David McClelland, shows you how to access the bios
on your computer and gives a healthy word of caution on tampering with the bios.

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