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Hi, this is Andrew Krauksts here with Australian Expat Loans, and today I just want to give
you a very quick tip and share with you some ideas on a very common question that I get
about foreign currency loans for Aussie Expats and Foreign Investors.
I’m going to use an example of if you were to buy a property for say around 5,000,
you would probably need for a foreign currency loan at least a 30% deposit. That’s the
minimum. For this example we’re using a 30% deposit, and then you’d probably be
looking at around a 0,000 Australian home loan.
I just want to go through and share with you some of the mechanics of a foreign currency
loan, which a lot of people don’t really understand, especially the pro’s, but also
the con’s. I think most people are aware of the pro’s of getting a cheap interest
If you were to draw down a 0,000 home loan – and when I say 0,000, I mean in Aussie
dollars, because the purchase price of the property is going to be in Australian dollars,
for this example 5,000 – the lender will convert to the foreign currency that you wish.
So that 0,000 will be drawn down and then converted.
Now, obviously the pro’s about it is that you’re going to get a very cheap rate compared
to the Australian home loan interest rate at a fraction of the cost. That’s obviously
one of the reasons why we get asked a lot of questions about foreign currency loans
for Australian Expats and Foreign Investors.
The one thing that people don’t realize is the dangers involved with a foreign currency
loan. That is if, for example, the currency that you’ve drawn down moves against you,
and the dollar moves against you, it can actually increase your home loan from 0,000 up to
0,000, 0,000 or whatever the case may be.
The issue there

is that the danger is that you may be open to what’s called a margin
call. The lender might look at their position and say, “We’ve got a security valued
at 5,000. The home loan, because the currency has moved against you, is now worth 0,000,
so we need you to put in 0,000 cash or put up another security.”
Now, when I say you have to put in cash, the lender will probably give you only four to
five days to do that, so you really have to know your position and be able to come up
with that sort of money fast. Otherwise you could be in a terrible position of having
to sell and having nothing but a debt outstanding.
The good news about this scenario is that if the dollar moves in your favor, your 0,000
home loan – and this is what most people obviously hope for – may become 0,000
or 0,000, at which point you may convert it back to Australian dollars and you’ve
instantly wiped out 0,000.
But I just really wanted to explain the dangers, that if you aren’t aware about the margin
calls you can really get yourself into a lot of trouble, so I just wanted to make sure
that I got that message across today.
If after watching this video you have some further questions about foreign currency loans
and it is of interest to you because you’re a high net worth individual and you’re also
working with a licensed financial planner that can assist you with the risks involved
and making the right recommendations for you, by all means give us a call. I’d love to
chat with you further.
I hope you’ve gained some value out of that. I’ll look forward to seeing you inside the
next video with some more tips. Bye for now.

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Silver is a unique metal as it falls under industrial metal as well as precious metal categories. The way silver futures are traded closely resembles to gold futures. It is important for the silver futures traders to keep track of the economic fundamentals of the metal.

When it comes to silver futures trading online, the only way to make the most of this precious metal that is being traded is to gain as much knowledge about it as possible. Thus, futures traders who want to gain an edge against other futures traders should consider the following information and tips about silver futures trading.

Silver Futures

For a silver futures contract, the underlying asset is 99.9% pure silver bullion. In some respects, silver futures tend to be quite similar to gold futures. For instance, these are traded in cents and dollars per troy ounce and the exchanges set the position limits. Moreover, it takes physical delivery and every second month from March till December is an active period of delivery.

Silver Fundamental

Silver falls under both the industrial metal and precious metal categories, which makes it such a unique kind of metal. Although silver is not as rare as gold it is still not abundantly found, and therefore, it is regarded as precious metal. It is used to make arts, coins and jewelry. As an industrial metal, silver is used to produce electrical devices and X-ray films. Silver is mostly mined in Australia, Canada, Mexico, Peru, Russia and the U.S.

Very much like gold, silver is sought after as an investment because of how valuable it is. Physically, silver has been traded in the form of bullion for a long time. However, ever since the advent of the silver futures contract, now it is also traded as a futures contract as well. In fact, on futures exchanges around the world, silver futures are one of the contracts that are traded the most. For instance, the Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME), Hong Kong Mercantile Exchange (HKMEx) and the Dubai Gold & Commodities Exchange (DGCX) all have their exchanges where silver futures are traded.

What Factors Move The Silver Price?

- The economies of the United States and the world determine the price of silver. If the economies are strong, the price of silver also rises. For silver futures traders, it is crucial that they read economic reports in order to be able to gauge the daily silver price.

- Inflation also affects silver price. When inflation is higher, the price of silver also increases. Therefore, silver futures traders are recommended to read the Consumer Price Index (CPI) report to be able to gauge the amount of inflation in the economy.

- The everyday inventory of silver bullions is another factor due to which silver price movements are affected. It is much like crude oil where the price of silver increases when the inventories are decreasing. Insight can be gained by reading reports on silver inventory.

Important Facts About Silver Futures Trading

- A splendid tool to fight inflation is to trade silver futures.

- The prices of gold and silver tend to move together, so if the price of gold is high then the price of silver is also most likely to be high.

- Since world economies affect silver price, so the price of silver can fall or shoot overnight due a crisis somewhere in the world. It is risky to hold silver futures overnight because the investment can be lost in just a single night.


Apart from making coins and jewelries, silver is also in electronics and jewelry. Therefore, it is safe to assume that the demand for silver is as high as gold. However, when it comes to silver futures trading online, the substantial risk must also be kept in mind, which means it may not suit every futures trader.

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