The Grand Palace, Vimanmek Palace Complex, its thousands of temples, and the city s notorious red-light districts combine draw in 11 million international visitors each.

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The students who gravitate toward our majors are generally engaged in the world,
both with the past and the present and they're interested in expanding their visions
to get multiple perspectives of the world.
These two fields of study are going to set a student up for fully understanding not only their own culture
but where other cultures and other people come from as well.
In the History program you'll learn about all different types of history. The military aspects. What went on during battles.
You're also going to learn
You'll also learn about social history. What was going on in the home front. What was going on with women during the time periods.
You're also going to learn why it matters and how it relates to today.
So you're going to be able to use it in a way that you never thought possible.
In the Political Science program you'll learn about how government works as a whole.
How do we achieve peace. How do we deal with war.
And, you'll learn about all sorts of things that help the world make more sense.
We have a variety of classes, but they're all very interactive. We work together to collaborate
as professors and students in order to create a conversation that flows back and forth.
We get into group settings where we discuss a certain topic
Halfway through the class we always sit in a circle and just talk and bounce off each others opinions.
We're able to have really good discussions regarding these historical and political issues that the world is facing.
It fosters your learning so

much more because not only do you get to learn from your professor, but yoru classmates as well.
The students who join our department are often passionately engaged on campus.
Many of our students that go onto leadership positions at the college.
This includes orientation leaders, student senators and club presidents.
Beyond the campus students take advantage of a number of internship opportunities.
Every year we have students interning at the Woodrow Wilson Presidential Museum and Library in Staunton, Virginia.
Other students take internships in Washington D.C. where they have the opportunity to work with federal and state agencies, and NGO's.
I've had an amazing relationship with the professors in this department.
I feel like they are really invested in my future.
The professor/student relationship is one of close mentorship throughout a student's career at Bridgewater and even beyond.
The professors are really engaging, knowledgeable and passionate about the subjects that they're teaching.
I feel like all of the students know their professors really well. They have that close relationship with you
that really helps you to learn better.
You're going to be grown into an amazing History or Political Science major who will be able to write about things in the world
and be able to someday change the world, because your professors care about you and I don't think
I can say that about every other college.

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