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Video WARNING: Gutter Oil In China Used In Street Food (Oriental trading ducks)

"China's food safety problems have no better symbol than the illegal and utterly disgusting problem of gutter oil. Cooking oil is used heavily in Chinese food.

Radio Free Asia did a pretty shocking report
on something known as got a royal in China this is the type of oil that's
being used
in cooking oil what they do is they basically recycled oil that they find in
sewers grease traps
and waste from slaughterhouses now we have a little snippet of their video I
do want to warn you that it's a little difficult to watch because
they literally is the stuff to cook food but without that will take a quick look
at will discuss
it's all in a day's work for this woman she opens up a manhole cover
and scoops out as much slop as she can delighted by what she finds
what others might view is revolting she sees as a button and
good okay
I thought seconds you say manaus creator should be less a Realtor for to log
she's a she views it is but an annus I
I was actually amused at the word bonanza %uh especially considering the
seriousness of that story
hmm up so day basically take it to you it's some sort of treatment plant where
recycled cooking oil they boil it down I and they're supposed to get rid of the
but oftentimes it has personage in San it so it's not healthy to eat
and China has been trying to battle this problem for a very long time
but cooking all very hard to come by in China at least according to the several
sources that I read what I thought shocking
and of course the deal they they stir fry food a lot there are with the walk
and everything so it's actually like a hot commodity
literally a well who you know it's not that hard to come how you just open up a
manhole you like telling him that's all we look at it but
manza look at all this disgusting slides that I found
i'm concerned. the fine people China this is terrible yeah I don't want them
eating that
and usually its street food vendors so just keep that in mind it's not

every like a fine restaurant a in in China's using recycled
cooking oil yet note to self don't be from street vendors in China
but look at is a Joe Comartin Aaron does which are now butcher
about the Chinese to say bilked ok okay when K
you know why they've been around longer than us so
you for like ten thousand years earlier I got bored with what it what else you
wanna cook
possible so that a see I'm not I'm not closed minded to different sources a
I'm very open minded to that right but I'm I'm definitely not okay with eating
something that is gonna kill you
and in this case I consuming carcinogen doesn't sound so healthy
now just to give you an exact number on you know how widespread this is
according to Radio Free Asia gutter oil is reported to account for one-tenth of
cooking oil
in China Omar young of note to self don't go to China period okay no I'm
gonna get a lot of troll for the sure go to china china's lovely okay
and i know its nine-tenths is fine then I'm going into the sewer
look in its not about Chinese of course that is about regulation
exactly its developing world and there's less regulation
and when you let people run amok well they're cut corners and a save money
they can do what they need to do
to make an extra buck I mean you should have seen the US
you know before there were significant regulation
in the roosevelt era right in FDR before that I mean what the robber barons do
raid and what'd you know what that to their employees putting kids in a coal
mine for 12 hours 18 hours at cetera
so like every country's got through this Chinese go through it now
but when you see some the rough edges for
it does for Europe

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