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Video Outlook Express Tutorial : How to Set Up Comcast E-mail in Outlook Express (Outlook express view options)

Set up Comcast e-mail in Outlook Express by selecting the "Mail" tab and entering the e-mail and mail server information provided by Comcast. Change your.

Hi I'm Tod Amazeen and I've been an internet business consultant for 15 years. I'm going
to show you how to set up Comcast e-mail in Outlook Express. Outlook Express is a registered
trademark of the Microsoft Corporation, a company which which I have no affiliation.
With Outlook Express open click on tools and scroll down and select options. Select mail
from the tabs across the top now click on add and click on mail. Here is where we enter
the display name. This is simply your name or the name people see when you send them
e-mails. Click on next in the e-mail address are enter the name, the e-mail name provided
to you by Comcast.
Click on next. Make sure next to my incoming mail server you selected Pop 3. In the incoming
mail server text entry box type in the Pop 3 or incoming mail server name provided

you by Comcast. Typically it is mail.Comcast.net. Now we go to the Outgoing mail or SMTP server
and again we type in the name of the SMTP server here. Comcast will provide you with
this information but typically it is SMTP.comcast.net. Now we click on next. Type in the account
name provided to you by Comcast and now enter the password. You can leave the remember password
button checked and this will allow Outlook Express to automatically check your e-mail.
If you uncheck remember password every time you send or receive e-mail you'll need to
enter the password and I'm going to leave remember password checked and now we click
on next and now we click on finish. You've just learned how to set up Comcast e-mail
in Outlook Express. I'm Tod Amazeen.

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