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You must come out of retirement!
We need the power of your unique intellect!
Leave me alone, Chief Inspector.
I’m through solving your simple-minded cases for you.
But Herlock! This is no simple case.
There’s nothing you can say to me to convince me to re-enter this ignorant, unprofitable world, Chief Inspector.
Are you certain?
What about these two simple words?
and Lizard
is the second word.
You can’t possibly mean-
Oh but I can.
Oh Chief Inspector.
Then it’s time! Time at last!
Time to re-open my most famous case of all!
The Thrilling, Perplexing, Profitable Case...of the Jade Lizard!!!
Hi! This is Liz!
And this is Jenny!
Welcome to our Strategy Workshop!
We’re going to walk you through how to put together the most popular tastytrade strategies on dough.
Keep in mind that these are only extremely general rules of thumb.
We’re going to walk you through setting up a Jade Lizard.
The greatest of all the strategies because we invented it!
The materials we’ll use today are: -1 short put
-1 short call credit spread where the total credit received is greater than the width of the call spread
-and a passionate support for patented, Liz & Jenny

Original Trades.
A jade lizard is an undefined risk, neutral to bullish strategy.
We should mention briefly that what Jade Lizards do is take advantage of volatility skew.
Volatility skew is simply the pricing differential in equidistant out of the money options.
This skew means that puts generally trade richer than calls, since crashes happen faster than rallies.
This works in our favor for the naked put,
and also makes buying the protective wing on our call spread cheaper than it would be for a put spread.
As usual, we look for underlyings with a high IV rank.
So, with all that said, here are the steps to put on one of our patented Jade Lizard.
First: we sell a put...
Next: we sell a call credit spread,
making sure that our total credit received is greater than the width of the spread.
Then: we hope that underlying has a move even smaller than Janet Yellen at a dance club.
The jade lizard makes maximum profit if the underlying
expires between the short put and the short call of the call spread.
As long as we collect a credit greater than

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