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Since opening their diplomatic ties 22 years ago,. China has become Koreas biggest trading partner,. while Korea stands as Chinas fourth-largest.

What's up guys?* Japan has always been on the cutting edge of next level fast food with
notable creations like black burger buns, and chocolate covered french fries. And now
Japanese McDonald's chains are rolling out the Giga Big Mac.
The Giga Big Mac, is the Big Mac on HGH.
It takes the original sandwich which consists of two patties and a whole buncha other shit
and adds two additional patties, as well as an increase in diameter to the total sandwich,
because why not, right?

McDonald's claims that anyone who finishes the sandwich. will
"A satisfied sense of accomplishment."
Of course the Giga Big Mac comes with a drink that's twice as large and 1.7 times as many
fries. Which means you'll probably get the amount you should get instead of the half
filled side items of norm.
So yeah... um. We're clearly living in the end of times. Until then, subscribe to our
YouTube to stay up to date.

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