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Video Moving Averages with Penny Stock Trading (Price trade akron)

All about moving averages when trading penny stocks. Get More From Peter Leeds: YouTube: m/user/PeterLeedsPennyStock HOME.

I want to talk to you guys about moving averages. Moving averages are pretty
common technical analysis indicators that people use to decide when to buy or
sell a certain stock. I'm going to explain to you what they are; I'm going to talk about the
ways in which they're very different when it comes to penny stocks then when
compared to a lot of blue chip and large-cap stocks. So I'll tell you
exactly how they apply to penny stocks, how to use them,
you're going to like this check it out!!
Now don't worry you don't actually have to calculate all the stuff yourself you
go to a free site like or MarketWatch or your broker. Any
charting site is going to allow you to enter which moving averages you want to
apply to the trading chart and when you're looking at a penny stock trading
chart if you add the eighth day or nine day and the 18-day moving averages it
could potentially give you some pretty good indicators about when to trade the
stock; when to buy when to sell. The moving average is simply taking a number of previous day's
averaging price and plotting a line on the graph so for example if you're
looking at a 9 day moving average I'll take the last nine days average out the
price and that's going to be a line on the trading chart which will show you
sort of the moving average for the last nine days on an ongoing basis. Now
sometimes you can use a single moving average to try and tell you something or
indicate something but the most common use moving averages is when you compare
two moving average lines,one in the short term and one in the long-term. With penny
stocks specifically the one that works best in our experience is to take a 9
and 18 day moving average lines and compare the two. You take the last nine
days of trading activity and the last 18 days of trading activity. You average it out in
each average represents a line. When the

lines cross it may indicate a buying or
selling opportunity or moment. So when the long-term moving average is plotting
along and in the short term of the nine day moving average jumps up and crosses
over the longer term moving average the 19 crossover the 18 day moving average
typically that implies a buying opportunity and that shares are going to
move higher. The same way when the short-term moving average the nine-day
moving average crosses below the longer
the average of 18 days or whatever let me set it to that typically represented
a moment or an opportunity where you may want to sell the stock because it may
decrease from there.
There are a lot of different strategies and philosophies when it comes to moving
averages. Sometimes people will use a single line sometimes they'll use three
different lines. Like I said earlier with penny stocks specifically we always find
that the best and most telling moving averages is when you compare the 9 day
moving average to the 18 day moving average. So I hope this is helpful
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we'd love to get back to you about any questions you may have I'd like to hear
from you guys were moving averages have you been looking at which ones are you
analyzing and do you have any specific stocks where you're watching moving
average cross. Please let us know your thoughts, give us your questions will get
back to you shortly.
Like I said you guys are awesome I love helping you out I really hope this helps
and we'll talk to you real soon. Thank you so much.

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