Some traders argue that if one moving average is useful, then 10 or more must be even better. This leads us to a technique known.

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Nearly 1,200 rhinos were killed by poachers in South Africa last year, officials said
Thursday, a slight decrease on 2014, but another year of carnage fuelled by Asian-led demand
for their horn.
"By the end of December 2015, the number of poached rhinos was 1,175", Environmental Affairs
Minister Edna Molewa told reporters. Fewer than 100 rhinos were poached in 2008,
since when numbers have rocketed. A record 1,215 were killed last year.
The slaughter has been driven by demand for their horn in countries such as China and
Vietnam, where

they are prized for their purported medicinal properties.
The horn is composed mainly of keratin, same component as in human nails, but it is sold
in powdered form as a supposed cure for cancer and other diseases.
The soaring price of rhino horn and the poaching crisis has sparked a debate on whether to
legalise sales in an attempt to stifle the lucrative black market trade.
Legally dehorning a rhino would see a farm owner put the animal under anaesthesia, then
saw off the horn. A South African judge in

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In the hourly chart, the Nse Nifty is trading below the Twenty-hourly moving average (HMA) and the Forty-HMA, ie 7689 and 7691 correspondingly, which are crucial intraday level. The hourly impetus indicator encompass turned negative.

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