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ok guys like I said this is the second update on our position open position in
the gold
all right now extremely with the copper and they they both are highly correlated
so it's no surprise that the Gold is also moving forward them just as well as
the copper does but in this case the gold is still far from our price target
it's about fifty dollars far from our price target which we've seen previously
that the copper is just about to reach to our price target so this position
will still go on in the next two days now
what one thing i want to do here is actually update my stoppers level and
put it straight on to my entry level and basically eliminate the risk on that
position right
I'm just going to refresh your memory in terms of the analysis because I wish I
want to show you but in case you forgot why we initially have placed our price
target where we have at the level of 13 90
so in this case did the analysis start from the monthly chart and if you
remember I actually analyzed that downside movement right here
and what I did is I try to I measured the Fibonacci corrective levels because
I will do the assumption was that we may have a new upside a trend-right going
forward and

taking the last hi
but even if we don't we're still going to have
you know a minimal correction of the tall downside movement
so a minimal correction is actually the level of 38.2 of the bonacci and where I
measured the Fibonacci corrective levels that actually fall exactly on their
level here which is the 13 90 that's why we've put our price target right there
so i'm going to quickly move to the daily chart and now what I want to do is
just drag my stop was level straight to the entry level right foot like just
like that right
and basically there is no risk any more on that position hopefully of course
price will not correct and take it
take care of my stop loss level of course there is a you know there is a
chance that that will happen because markets you know um not always
well I would say not predictable but still it's it's not likely that will
happen it's it is much more probability that this positive momentum will keep
going forward and all the way to our price target right so well
that was about it
and i'll see on the next training opportunity

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