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Hi my name is Mark Ashwin and I'm a full time binary option trader. In order to show you
my binary option trading success and how you could also trade binary option profitably,
I will open my broker website that is Once my broker website is loaded I will enter
my username and password. Click log in. As you can see this is my live binary option trading account with 0,000 in balance.
I started with a very small balance when I first started and I

grew from that balance.
Now I withdraw all my monthly expenses from my trading account. I have a couple of other
trading account with different brokers as well. You can see the platform is pretty basic
and very simple to understand. Trading binary option is simple yet very profitable. As you
can see from the chart if you believe the price of the asset will increase in value
you will place a call trade. If you believe the asset will decrease in value you will
place a put trade

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