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Video Vancity's Foreign Exchange services (featuring Ethical Bean) (Search work from home jobs greystones)

M Compared to other emerging market economies, Chile fared better than many of its peers during the 2008 crisis. FX expert Udi Sela.

Hello everyone, Carl here again. In my last video I gave you some tips about
activating your binary option trading account, so in theory you should now be able to just
go into the trade room on your software or platform and start trading whatever asset
you want, but does that mean you should just dive right in? NO.
Because if you do trade like that it means you'll be trading from your gut, and acting
on emotion, and as you may have guessed - that's risky, to profit from binary option trading
you need a strategy so you can avoid any mistakes. But which strategy will work best for you
and how do you find out? Here are a few small tips:
1) Financial strategy - plan according to the size of your investment - no sense in
trying to apply a strategy that calls for x

amount of dollars if that's 75% of your
monthly investment size. 2) Time management - some strategies call
for long term planning, those will hardly be of any use to you if you use 60 second
or 5 minute trades, stick to the length of time you want to trade and look for strategies
suitable to that time limit. 3) Risk - what kind of trader are you? Do
you enjoy living on the edge or would you rather play it safe? There are strategies
that will work for you whatever your appetite for risk may be, make sure you pick the best
one for you. The best strategy for you will be one that
takes those 3 components and manages to combine them to your liking.
Hope you enjoyed this video, there are more to come soon!

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