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Video Shell Migrates to Visual Studio Team Services from Team Foundation Server (Shell debugging options)

Read more about Shell's story at: px? recid28376.

Shell's overall mission is to be the most innovative and competitive energy company
in the world. By 2050, our population will be around 9 billion and for that, we need
a lot more energy than we need today. Technology will clearly help Shell in meeting these challenges.
We have about 2,800 software developers working day in and day out. They are solving really
hard problems using vast computing resources and Big Data. We have high-performance computing,
advanced 4D and 5D visualization capability. We support 3 million lines of legacy code
that we are moving to a newer technology platform based on ASP.NET. We are expecting to write
another million or 2 million lines of code, so we need a tool that really facilitates
quick collaboration between those various teams. Our overall strategy is to move everything
to the Cloud as soon as we can. We gathered up our Team Foundation Server databases, sent
them off to Microsoft where they ran their high-fidelity migration processes and transformed
it all into Visual Studio Team Services. I was pretty unenthused when I heard we had
to move to Visual Studio Team Services. Any change is hard. The rollout was phenomenal.
We were able just to logon, update, move to the new system. I didn't have to rebuild my
code. It is just really easy to work with. And to quickly see what is my state right
now. How am I doing per sprint, per beta, per release? Our product is developed on two
platforms: on Windows and on Linux. So we need to make sure that everything

we build
on Windows will compile on Linux. Because Visual Studio Team Services is in the cloud,
you can access it from any platform. Whether it is for Linux, for Windows, for Apple iOS,
for Android, for all of the Apple devices. So having access to the latest software is
very important for us. The upgrades we've done in the past have been pretty disruptive
to the business because we have to upgrade the system. Now with Visual Studio Team Services,
every three weeks there is new functionality without us even noticing it. We have our colleagues
accessing the same backlogs, the same user stories, and the test cases are there as well.
We no longer are running our servers; we've removed all of that cost. Obviously going
to the Cloud people are emotionally concerned with security, so the fact that Visual Studio
Team Services has their ISO certification in place was a great benefit for us. Shell
is very open about wanting to be innovative and being very competitive which is basically
why we pushed very hard to move this to the Cloud. We think this is helping our developers
a great deal. Digitalization will transform every part of the company. It will overlay
our physical world to make it one world. Whether it is in the surface space, it is in the refining
space, whether it is in the trading space, whether it is in the consumer space, it will
transform the whole company.

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