Figure 3 - Another integrated platform, this time from. FX Solutions, that squeezes a trade summary, quot;s and market news headlines all into one screen.

Video Mike Drewery, Owner of MJ's New Hampshire Towing • CAN Capital (Srsrrs rssrr)

A charity has an obligation to ensure it spends its money wisely. Terry Willis, Head of Information Systems for Age UK, discusses how he implemented.

Hi there. On behalf of my name is Candace Copeland. I'm here to continue
with the process of working with rawhide art. You saw in a previous where I was working
with the wet rawhide to make a mold and after it takes a couple of days and lots of finger
pointing and pressing and tucking and pulling and all of this to get all this wonderful,
wonderful detail. This was a full deer hide and on this particular piece I really, this
is a mold of an antique poquinie brave named Turtle, and he has such a wonderful face that
you will see other's later on in the program that, it's the same mold, each hide is like
our fingerprint. Each hide takes on a totally different look. So that the faces can

look like an old seasoned indian or a young buck. They're all individual. So, it's that
timing that is so critical, usually a day and a half, two days, as you work on it and
come back and forth, back and forth before you can lift it off of the mold. This particular
one was an antique piece of plaster of paris that was used in the railroad situation going
up to the grand canyon in probably the forties. And it has been used so many times that it
has finally crumbled so my little poquino brave named Turtle will be no m ore, but as
you can see he is really quite incredible and you'll see more decorated later in the
show. Thank you.

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