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Video Timothy Sykes Review - How to Profit From Penny Stocks (Stock options trading dvd)

T- Tim Sykes Review.

make a full-time living trading only a few hours a week
even if you're new a few treats we can turn chump change
in the six figures you can't afford not to work with me
Learn to make up to to a hundred percent games
in one week you're gonna learn how my students win
I'm roughly 70 percent of their trades and
you can discover had a make bank in op or down markets
I'm gonna teach you how to make a full-time living tree
just a few hours a week
this is your chance to gain edge over every other investor and trader
learning implement little-known training and research tactics and will not be
anywhere else
before you get too excited I need you to understand a couple
things I'm not gonna do everything for you I won't make a trade for you
that's up to you
tell you which stocks to watch and when to trade
even tell you staff I'm actually treating
exactly when I treat them few others do that
my student Eric wood he says before I started with him
I never made money in the market
I got started last year and I'm up four hundred and fifty

thousand six hundred
and seventy-five dollars
now I have more time to spend on the golf course
that's great
I'm sure you've heard this before give a man a fish
and feed him for a day teach a man to fish and him for life
well I like Bo I will give you the fish
and I will teach you how to fish as well that way
you have more fish than other traders oh and I'm not
scrub who makes a hundred grand a year and has had a couple
lucky years treating I am a self-made multi-millionaire
from my trading profits have successfully been treating
for over 14 years
I will let my performance do most talking because I'm not one to brag
but if you're treating performance mirrored mine this is what your profit
chart with look like
nearly three million dollars in profits I'm winning over seventy percent of the
miss much one big trade you're there my average gain
is just over two thousand dollars and I make just under 10 percent per tree
here's one of my favorite students

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