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Video GMCR Short Straddle Tuesday by Options Trading Expert Hari Swaminathan (Strangle forex)

M/course/straddles-and-strangles/ Straddles and Strangles are also Volatility strategies and are very popular strategies. Both these.

Good morning everybody its Hari Swaminathan it's about
8 a.m. the futures are looking mildly positive
today about 3 points what we want to do is look at on
GMCR out again so we have a short
straddle at the 77.5
now you can see GMCR move towards the 80 a long straddle
is at the 80 level so you know we are
okay on that front now what we want to do is adjust the short straddle
over to the 80 strike price so what I have here
is if we would
did not have this then what you're looking at
this so you know you can now booked
enough profit on this but we are of course still at a loss on the
and we have about 10 days left for this
you know the short bond so we wanna buy the
buy back the 77.5
and sell the 80 now you can see we can do it for
almost the same price so we're gonna get a credit of 1.08 on this
and a debit of 1.43 so but the right way
to do the calculation is straight from here so

be would be booking
a loss of 1500 and
I can tell you what are current position is
on GMCR we've booked 3500 and profits so thousand-plus 1300 plus yesterday we did
however today we are going to give up 1500 so
will be back down to 2,000 so that's okay
but this is what is required for the position so if you come back
to our position here I'm gonna turn these
on and you can see then
now we would have something that's right in the middle so
even if GMCR goes up to about 82 or
78 or so our calendar would work perfectly well
so that's one adjustment we want to do of course the prices will change a
little bit
on the on at the open but basically whatever it is we will
move it over to the 80
so now we have a calendar you can see this is the calendar structure
so that's what we're gonna do for GMCR thanks

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