It s not that no one is interested, I think. I guess it s more towards the question of, how exactly the trades are made?

Video How to Manage In The Money Put Options | Trading Tips From a Pro (Tips options calls puts)

What do you do when your short Put winds up In The Money? Simple! Just sell a Call option against it! No extra capital required and it reduces your directional.

Hey, relax a little
you don't have to break down just because one of your trades does
let the BAT get you back on the road to profits
Your short put
it's dipped in the money
now it's rusting out there
you gotta get some protection on that baby
Selling a call against an in-the-money put
is the clear coat that protects you

against the elements.
Sometimes the solution’s an easy one.
See, even a little flood can’t keep us off the road!
Ok, knuckleheads.
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