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Hello dear users! I am Miroslav Popov and in this video I will show you how to export
Expert Advisors from Forex Strategy Builder Professional. Let's first generate a strategy!
I will use templates and select EURUSD and 15 minutes. I will start the Generator and
until the Generator generates a strategy I will show you some details about exporting.
The first one is that we are exporting Expert Advisors from this button here. This button
is active only if you have selected a strategy. For example if we are on the start page we
cannot export. But before exporting the Expert Advisors we have to set the export path. We
can do that from Control Panel and the easiest way to reach that page is by pressing this
small arrow here - Expert Advisor settings. That opens the Expert Advisor page in the
Control Panel. The other way to reach that page is to open Control Panel and go to Expert
Advisor. Here we have one big text box and here we have to set the export path. We can
do automatically. If we press this button here Forex Strategy Builder will find all
installed terminals. What do I have here? I have four MetaTrader4 terminals and one
MetaTrader5 terminal. This button here finds all MetaTrader4 and MetaTrader5 terminals
here. But I am not using these all and I will show you how to set these manually. First
- you see that we have one record per line and this path shows the Experts folder. I
will delete that. I am primary using two terminals - one MetaTrader4 terminal and one MetaTrader5.
Let's set this path manually. You know that MetaTrader4 stores Experts in a special folder.
We can reach that from File -> Open Data Folder and here MQL4 -> Experts here is where MetaTrader4
stores and from here it loads Expert Advisors. Now I will select that path and copy and I
will paste that here. OK. My MetaTrader4 terminal is ready I will add also the path to my MetaTrader5
terminal. I will do the same. Go to File -> Open Data Folder and we have here MQL5 folder -> Experts.
I will select that path, copy

and paste here and that's all. When I'm using this button
here I will export to both MetaTrader4 and MetaTrader5 terminals but also I can add additional
folders. For example I can do that if this button does not find my terminals I can browse
these manually and I can use that for adding additional folders for storing Expert Advisors.
OK. I will do that in My Documents folder and I make a new folder here Expert Advisors
Backup. That means every time when I'm exporting Expert Advisors the Forex Strategy Builder
will put a copy here - in that folder. This will be my backup. I have here also another
setting. This setting shows/sets what Forex Strategy Builder will do when the exported
Expert Advisor file already exists at the destination. There are two options. The first
one replaces the existing file with a new one. This option simply.. when this option
is checked the Forex Strategy Builder deletes the old file and then saves the new one. By
using that option we are losing the previous version of our Expert. If you want to keep
all experts we can set the next option and if you do that Forex Strategy Builder will
add a suffix to the strategy name/ the Expert Advisor name and will put indexes: 1,2,3,4...
every time when we save a new copy. I will keep the first option on. OK, we are ready
for exporting. We see we have already a generated strategy. It's important to remember that
when we're exporting Expert Advisors the Expert has the same name as the strategy. So I will
save the strategy with another name I'll put for example My New Strategy. It already exists.
No problem. So my strategy is named My New Strategy and I will export the Expert Advisor.
It's already exported. What we see here is a warning message that the Expert Advisor
option is still in beta but probably when you're watching this video it will be released
as a final version. OK and we can see the export in our Output Log. What do we see here?
Expert Advisor exported at MQL4 destination also at the MQL5 destination and at our backup
folder here. Everything

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Marc R Gagné MAPP: RT Bitcoin_Rush: DEFINITELY, #BitcoinRushRevolution on Fri. https://t.co/RdU2OIPazG #bitcoinrush #fintech #crypto #bitcoin #trading https:…
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