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Video Trade Show And Expo Marketing Tips: Branding Strategies (Trading cards manufacuers)

Discover how to stand out from the crowd at your next trade show or business expo. Sign-up for my FREE Marketing Training Here!

Hi guys! It's Tammy with The Brand Champion. And today we're going to be
talking about how you can stand out from the crowd at your next Expo or Trade Show.
Stay Tuned! (The Brand Champion TV intro music)
If this isn't your first trade show, I'm sure that you've already got ink pens with your name on them.
And different items that you can giveaway at trade shows.
But I'm going to give you a few ideas and pointers today on other things that you can do to connect with your potential customers.
Here's an idea for you. Try Stickers. These stickers here are really unique.
They come in a little booklet, that you can get. You can do all your branding on them. You can put
individual messages on individual stickers. And
you can have them printed exactly the same if you want. But one nice thing about these: at your next trade
show you can put on on your stickers, that you met (your potential customer) at the specific trade show.
Then when you get their business card or you give out your business cards, all you
have to do is take a sticker. Put a little reminder on your card. And you can give it to them.
And when they get home with

that stack of business cards,
they'll have the sticker on yours (business card) that reminds them of where you met and when you make
that (follow-up) phone call. They'll remember you.
Another good idea is on your giveaways, how about M&Ms with your logo on them.
Oh yeah, they make them. You can even have your photo printed right on them too.
They're edible. And you have them in any color. Nothing says branding like chocolate.
If this is the first time watching one of our videos; head on over to and
we've got a FREE GIFT for you. You can download a PDF of our Marketing
Materials Checklist. You'll be able to print it out and take an inventory of the
materials that you currently have. And look at some of the things that maybe you're
not utilizing. At the end of the day, we want you to become your own Brand Champion.
And we're gonna help you do just that. Until next time "Keep Livin' the Dream."
another good idea is on your giveaway how bout with your logo remember
remember you nothing branding

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