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Video How to Play Pokemon Trading Card Game : Where to Get Pokemon Cards (Trading cards shop in singapore)

Pokemon cards are found in toy stores, comic book shops, and many major retailers. Get Pokemon collecting tips in this free video lesson. Expert: Jodi Serge.

Let's talk about some other ways that you can get cards, other than just in the starter
deck. The second great way to get cards is through Pokemon packs. The packs have nine
to ten additional game cards. There's all different sets. Here I have a couple diamond
and pearl sets, and one Crystal Guardians, which is from the EX set previously. In every
pack, you're guaranteed at least one rare, and one shiny card. You don't know which one's
which until you open the pack. You never know what you're getting. It's a great way to collect
cards. Great places to look for cards like this would be your local comic book shop,
or game shop. You can also find them in supermarkets, variety stores; different large

stores sometimes carry them. One of the best places to get make sure you're getting the
greatest variety though; I would say, would be local game or comic hobby shops, because
they tend to have more of a specialty outlook on Pokemon. Something else you can find at
the specialty shops would be loose cards. Usually, you have to ask the person behind
the counter to see the binder. In the binder, you can get everything from commons to uncommons
to rares, which are priced fairly, as per the market, depending on what the demand is,
and the rarity of the card. If you're looking for that one special card, it's a great way
just to find that one particular Pokemon for your deck.

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