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hey guys what's up its Kayla I'm gonna Make money working from home
I manage my time you know be no work at home mom
and just just finding the balance in between the two
are missing this RFID you know me in mind are we gonna
Make money working from home
have breakfast on after we have breakfast should prolly sit down
watching cartoons washes doing now prolly
on post a few and on you not do a little wrong house
on duties cleaning wherever you may be on
time after that I usually wear and do is on will go outside shipped outside
after day usually skyline what to
3 and she gets tired you know she's 22 Make money working from home
children to take a nap and
that is the best time to use I use it for two things
eyes if the cooking and I use it to on do a video
or on wholesome and
on maybe ran my blonde and stuff like that known do a little Facebook
after she wakes up by then the food is rain
on you know she eats and you know the whole point is just
manage be being a mom
and being a businesswoman at the same Make money working from home
sometimes I do get takeout but I like cooking you know I like
on having freshly cooked food for my daughter and myself
on on a/c I've worked I USU
arm worked in chile's andean all kinds a restaurant he would even imagine
on trust me guys restaurants

are dirty you want to clean you want to have clean
on amor back to what we were talking hot site
I got a little sidetracked their on anyways
so yeah you basically just have to manage a timed correctly
just don't try to push yourself to get so much done on that once
Make money working from home
duties at home with your daughter
and do lunch you know maybe go out in phnom
go out and get a bite to eat do some errands on will go to chucky cheese
stuff like that sometimes where the beach
I'm just fun things on usually by the time we come back from wherever we went
home by then it's a little bit later so
out acre bad player that and once she goes to bed
that is the perfect time for you to use
on to just use most in the
in your business also sure your spouse
or your significant other you know you don't wanna on leave them behind
either on the yeah that's how I manage my time
any work sound really really good for me Make money working from home
time in your business on maternal workout so
just manager time don't stay busy
be productive okay write down a list
the things you have to do me show you how
there in a book this
I use home time for everything on
music rate listed everything the you wanna get done before the day is over
or before you go to bed I am
make sure the

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