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Video 5 People Caught Having Sex In Public (Trading spaces home doll)

These days it seems couples are opting for more public spaces to host their hanky panky adventures. Who needs a bedroom when theres a perfectly good.

Lutch Green
Couple Caught Having Sex in Erotic Museum
This astonishing footage shows the moment a sneaky couple were caught having sex in a museum at a saucy Fifty Shades of Grey event in Las Vegas.
The blatant lovers can be seen walking off to a secluded area where they struggle to keep their hands off each other before getting down to business.
Surrounded by sexy artwork in the erotic gallery, they waste no time in exploring each other intimately. At one point, the woman raises her leg to head-height before their cover is blown.
Half-dressed, the blonde and her companion can be seen sprinting out of the fire exit just seconds before a woman stumbles across their makeshift lovenest.
According to TMZ, security alerted staff members who returned to nab the exhibitionists despite their half-naked getaway.
Couple Caught Making Love Inside Car While Daughter Watches
A pair of randy white couple who could not just wait to get home decided to have sex in the front seat of their car while their little daughter watched from the backseat probably wondering what was really going on.
Residents in the area of Nairobi, Kenya where the duo were caught in the raunchy act were stunned at the sight.
The unnamed couple were apparently caught in the euphoria of the car quickie oblivious that it would dot on the innocent child’s morals.
The romp which reportedly lasted for half an hour attracted the attention of several onlookers who watched the duo.
It was gathered that the couple had probably gone on a date with their daughter and were so heavily drunk to the point that they just couldn’t help but have a steamy sex inside the car with the glasses whined down.

Caught Having Sex While Riding Bike
A couple was caught having sex on a rental motorbike as they cruised down a scenic Indian highway. Police tracked the passionate pair after a local politician posted a photo of the high-speed sex on his Facebook.
The image showed the man – wearing nothing but a T-shirt and socks – steer the bike while the woman sat on it backward and straddled him.
The couple were fined 1,000 Rupees - equivalent to £10 - by the police.
Couple Caught Having Sex on Chipotle Restaurant Roof
A romantic night turned hot and spicy when a couple was caught allegedly having sex on a Chipotle roof in Delaware.
Michael Suh, 38, and Nicole Germack, 27, were arrested after an officer observed them engaging in sexual intercourse on the front of the roof of the Chipotle restaurant on the 100 block of East Main Street.
The officer advised the couple to stop having sex, but they continued for almost 20 seconds, according to authorities.
When they finally stopped, they fled from the roof and into Suh's apartment a few feet away.
The couple was placed under arrest inside the home. Both were released after paying php,800.
Couple Caught Having Sex On a bridge in Estonia
This couple went a bridge too phwoar – as they romped at the top of Estonia’s Arch Bridge.
Locals with camera phones were stunned to see the gruesome twosome climb to the top of the arch and then get cracking – literally.
The redhead can be seen with her trousers pulled down as she sits on top of her lover in the snap, taken in October 2007.

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