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Video West Berkshire and Wokingham Trading Standards (Trading standards west midlands)

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I'm a Trading Standards Officer with the West Berkshire and Wokingham
Trading Standard Service.
In that role as a Trading Standards officer I enforce a range of legislation
to protect the consumer
and businesses.
Those areas are very wide-ranging and they can relate to unfair trading, they can
relate to the safety of goods, they can relate to the quantity of goods and a
lot of the work within the is in relation to what we call food standards
that's description of food and food labelling,
underage sales with regard to cigarettes and tobacco and what we also do
is visit premises
and perform routine inspections or we visit the premise as a result of a complaint.
An example of a premises it would

be a licensed premises such a restaurant or a public house
and in such a a place I would be checking that the optics are giving me
correct quantity,
I would also be checking to see whether
if it stated to be Smirnoff vodka then it is infact Smirnoff Vodka
I could also be checking the alcohol content as well.
I would be looking at their food menus and checking the descriptions to see that
it was correct, i could also do that. I would also look at the pints and
half pints and the wine glasses to see that they are properly government approved glasses.
It is to ensure that the place complies with the law
and that the public is not being ripped off.

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