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Hello guys this is Doronsmovies and today I will be giving you ten strongest World of
Warcraft lore characters. Going through my own subjective list of ten most powerful characters
in the Warcraft universe. So without further ado, let's get into the lore.
Number 10 - Elemental Lords
The Elementals are a native race in almost
all of the worlds in the cosmos. On Azeroth in particular they were quite prominent and
for a long time they ruled the entire planet, constantly warring between each other. Four
different lords ruled the elemental armies, Ragnaros the Firelord, Neptulon the Tidehunter,
Therazane the Stonemother and Al'Akir the Windlord. Until the arrival of the Old Gods
they were the strongest beings, having immense power over the world of Azeroth. However with
the Old God invasion they were subjugated and forced to serve. Nevertheless the Elemental
Lords proved to be quite the challenge and they only fell after they were completely
overwhelmed by the Old God minions. Subsequently the titans came and cleansed the world and
the elementals were imprisoned and banished into a different realm known as the Elemental
Plane. Recently they started to break free and cause trouble for the mortals, resulting
in the defeat of two Elemental Lords. Even though killable they are nonetheless creatures
of immense power.
Number 9 - Naaru
The universe as we know it was created with
a cataclysmic explosion of the Light and the Void. As the worlds were formed so were the
naaru, taking shape from clouds of pure fractured Light. This being the case, they are benevolent
beings that vowed to nurture and preserve life as much as that is in their power. The
Naaru not being really aggressive creatures makes it hard to determine their true strength,
but there is no doubt that they possess colossal power. For ages they have guided mortal races
and spread their knowledge of the Light, being light themselves. However it is possible for
these benevolent beings to lose their light and this triggers a total transformation into
a void god. Void gods are beings of the Void, the complete opposite of their former state
and if left unchecked they can be extremely dangerous, putting the entire world at risk.
All in all the Naaru, even though hard to determine their true power, are definitely
one of the strongest and the oldest beings in the universe.
Number 8 Deathwing
Formerly known as Neltharion the Earth Warder,
he was one of the five original dragon aspects. Neltharion many millenia ago was evolved and
granted power by the Titan keepers in order to safeguard the world of Azeroth. However
this gift ended up being more of a burden and Neltharion slowly sank into madness, manipulated
by the Old gods. He turned against his fellow aspects and made it his goal to destroy Azeroth.
He was defeated eventually, but recently he returned, breaking the link between the material
and the elemental plane, causing the Shattering. This time as the Old gods started to slowly
awaken, Deathwing’s power was significantly increased. On top of that his body was covered
with elementium plates, hammered to his skin in order to keep his fiery body together.
He was killed but only with the aid of the Demon Soul, the other Aspects and the mortal
races. Even though defeated, there is absolutely no doubt that Deathwing was extremely powerful
and was very close to destroying all life on Azeroth.
Number 7 Kil'Jaeden and Archimonde
Kil'Jaeden and Archimonde were once eredar
and together with Velen they were the leaders of their people. Sargeras, searching for a
brain to control his gigantic demon army, decided to turn to this mysterious race. Manipulating
them with promises of great power and knowledge, Sargeras turned Archimonde and Kil'Jaeden
into demons. Ever since that point they have been his left and right hand, the most trusted
commanders and the ones responsible for the destruction of many worlds. Archimonde the
Defiler is a commander utilizing both warlock magic and primal strength to lay waste to
all of those who oppose him. On the other hand Kil'Jaeden the Deceiver is just as powerful
if not even more powerful, relying on manipulation and magic as opposed to brute force. The two
corrupted eredar have been the key to the success of the Burning Legion and have wreaked
havoc across the entire cosmos. Archimonde was defeated two times, requiring great sacrifice
but that doesn't mean anything as both of them are immortal, meaning they can only be
killed within the Twisting Nether. So you have two immortal demons of incredible strength
and power, granted to them by Sargeras himself, resulting in one of the most powerful beings
in the Warcraft universe.
Number 6 Titan Keepers
Long ago the titans invaded Azeroth in order
to save the nascent titan from the Old God corruption. As their physical forms were too
big, fearing they would hurt the world soul, the Pantheon decided to create an army to
do their bidding. This army was known as the titan-forged and the commanders of it were
the Titan Keepers. These keepers were directly empowered by the titans themselves and had
direct control over the rest of the titan-forged. In their initial campaign they defeated and
imprisoned all of the Elemental Lords and the Old Gods. The nine keepers - Archaedas,
Odyn, Loken, Thorim, Freya, Mimiron, Hodir, Tyr and Ra, after the war were crucial figures
in shaping Azeroth and creating life. They did eventually lose some of their initial
power, but after the pantheon was killed, these keepers were imbued by the remnants
of the actual titan spirits. Even though not exactly the same as before, there is absolutely
no doubt that the titan keepers were one of the strongest beings to ever lay a foot on
Number 5 Old Gods
The Old Gods are a creation of the void lords,
with the purpose of corrupting the world soul in order to create a weapon for their masters.
Despite being mere tools, the Old Gods are beings of unimaginable powers,

everything and everyone that stands in their path. There are many of them across the entire
universe but we only really know about the ones that we have encountered on Azeroth.
Many millenia ago, these creatures plummeted into the world in order to transform the nascent
titan. In the process they enslaved the native elementals and established their own domain
across most of the world, known as the Black Empire. They were eventually defeated by the
titans that arrived and imprisoned, but nevertheless even in that state they had great influence
on Azeroth. From corrupting the Emerald dream to driving a dragon aspect insane, the Old
Gods are the biggest present threat to the world. Aside from just them, their own creations
such as the C'Thraxxi are also incredibly powerful creatures with two of them being
able to kill a titan keeper. All in all the Old Gods are some of the most evil and powerful
creatures to ever rule Azeroth.
Number 4 Titans
When the universe was created in an explosion,
so were a number of world souls inside various planets. From these world souls the titans
have a potential to awaken, but only with special care. Aman'Thul was said to be the
first one and eventually by searching for others he founded the Pantheon. The Pantheon
had the goal to look for other nascent titans and bring them to their order. They are beings
of colossal power, able to very easily shape worlds and in some cases completely destroy
them. During the cleansing of Azeroth, Aman'Thul just by using his arm, ripped the Old God
Y'Shaarj from the world. This fact alone, judging how powerful the Old Gods actually
are, shows the true strength of the Pantheon. The titans were eventually all killed when
Sargeras defected and fought them while infused with fel magic, which the titans are especially
weak to. However their souls didn't truly die and were preserved in the Keepers of Azeroth.
Even though every titan but Sargeras is dead there is absolutely no doubt that they are
beings of monumental power.
Number 3 Sargeras
Sargeras was one of the strongest titans of
the Pantheon and the only titan to fall into madness. Originally his mission was to cleanse
the universe of all evil and he did it very efficiently, but everything changed when he
encountered the Old gods and their masters, the Void Lords. Seeing that the world he encountered
was corrupted beyond all repair, he split the entire planet in two, killing even the
Old Gods. Some time after he completely defected from the titan order and created the Burning
Legion by freeing the captured demons. By shattering the prison world of Mardum he was
imbued with immeasurable fel power. Subsequently the Pantheon confronted him but by using his
newfound strength he obliterated all of the titans. Ever since then he led his Legion
destroying countless worlds across the entire cosmos. He was defeated when he attempted
to enter Azeroth but that does not mean anything as he can only be truly killed inside the
Twisting Nether. Judging by the fact that he killed all of the titans and split a world
in half before he even had a portion of the power he has now, Sargeras is definitely one
of the strongest beings in the Warcraft universe.
Number 2 Azeroth
Most people believe Azeroth to be just a world
but in reality it is much more. Azeroth was in fact a very powerful titan world soul.
The Pantheon was aware of this and they realized that this might just be their only chance
to defeat the Void Lords. All of this is speculation as the soul was never awoken and might never
even be, but nevertheless we know that it is incredibly powerful. Many of the titans
believed Azeroth to be potentially stronger than Sargeras, who was at the time the strongest
titan. Now it is hard to say whether that would be the case with Sargeras' newfound
fel power but Sargeras did eventually learn of this world soul which is why he is so interested
in Azeroth. Currently it isn't known whether the titan will ever awake, but we know for
certain that Azeroth has or had incredible potential and could be the only weapon against
the Void Lords.
Number 1 Void Lords
The strongest creatures in the entire Warcraft
Universe, the Voids lords are entities composed of pure shadow that live within the void.
In a sense they are darkness incarnate and are complete opposite of the Light and anything
good. Their biggest mission was to corrupt titans and as the living titans were too resilient
they decided to target world souls, nascent titans in an attempt to create a dark titan,
a weapon of immeasurable power. As the Void Lords struggle to manifest in the physical
universe, they pooled their power and hurled an unknown number of Old Gods across the entire
universe. This fact alone shows their true capabilities, with them being able to so easily
create creatures of such incredible strength. The Void lords are absolute evil and they
want nothing less than the entire destruction of all life in the universe. It is uncertain
whether we would be ever able to fight them but a day will come when living beings will
have to face the Void Lords or die.
Alright and that is all I have for this video. Do remember that this is only my own personal
opinion and speculation and make sure to leave your thoughts in the comment section below.
Also don't forget to subscribe to the channel for more videos like this as it really helps
out and keeps all the content going. Thanks a lot for taking the time out of your day
to watch this video and see you next time!

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