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Video How to Get Treatment for Kidney Stones (Treatment options for ureteric stones)

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How to Get Treatment for Kidney Stones. Kidney stones are a common medical problem. They
can be painful, but they are treatments for them. You will need A doctor Water Pain medication
and a strainer. Kidney stones should be diagnosed by a doctor. Get medical attention if you
have blood in your urine, cannot urinate, or have a high fever. Follow your doctor's
advice for treatment of kidney stones. Step 1. Determine if you have the symptoms of kidney
stones, such as severe pain in your lower back, a persistent urge to urinate, blood-tinged
urine, and nausea. Step 2. Visit your physician to confirm that kidney stones are the problem
and to determine the best course of treatment. Step 3. Take the recommended amounts of an
over-the-counter or prescription pain medicine to control the pain caused by the stones.
Your doctor may prescribe a medicine to help your urine break down the stone. Step 4. Drink
lots of water and stay active. You may be able to pass the stone. If

your doctor agrees,
aim to drink 2 to 3 quarts of water per day. Step 5. If your doctor advises, strain your
urine through a strainer they provide you with, so that when the stone comes out, you
can save it. If you catch the stone, take it to your doctor for analysis. This will
be helpful in determining its cause. Step 6. Ask your doctor if you need a medical procedure.
If, after a few weeks, drinking fluids and staying active fails to get the stone out,
you may need a procedure. Most stones can be eliminated with a non-surgical procedure
called extracorporeal shock wave lithotripsy. If not, surgery is an option. Step 7. Have
your blood and urine samples analyzed, drink plenty of water, and avoid the foods your
doctor says to avoid to prevent kidney stones from recurring. Did you know Some scientists
have theorized that kidney stones are more common in areas with high heat and humidity.

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