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Hi everyone, I'm Joel. And I'm Chrissy. We are here at the Magic Kingdom theme park in
Florida! This is definitely one of my family's favorite places to visit at Walt Disney World
Resort. Oh, mine too, but my family has actually found lots of places to have fun both inside
and outside the theme parks. And, fortunately, Disney offers a variety of flexible ticket
choices so we can chose the ticket that's right for us. I'll tell you what, let's show
them what ticket choices we selected and then meet back here. Let's go!
My family absolutely loves Disney theme parks. We spend our time here re-visiting classic
attractions and checking out what's new like New Fantasyland. By the way, my kids give
the new double dose of Dumbo the Flying Elephant two thumbs up. When planning our vacation
we start with the Magic Your Way Base Ticket. It gives each member of my family entry into
1 theme park per day for each day of our ticket. Next, we purchase the Park Hopper option.
It allows us to come and go as we please through all 4 Walt Disney World Theme Parks on the
same day for the entire length of the ticket. We can begin the day by going on a safari
at Disney's Animal Kingdom Theme Park then visit Epcot for a delicious meal and stroll
around the World Showcase. Or, we can have a rockin' good time at Disney's Hollywood
Studios during the day. Then, light up the night with fireworks and a magical parade
at the Magic Kingdom Park. We can even come back and watch the fireworks every night during
our stay if we want to. As you can see, the Park Hopper option gives
us lots of flexibility so we can experience our favorite attractions again, and again
and again! How about you, Joel? Well Chrissy, I have an active family, too,
so in addition to all the thunderous thrills

here we want to check out some of the cool places outside the theme parks.
Did you know that Disney's Blizzard Beach
Water Park has one of the tallest and fastest waterslides in the country? It's called Summit
Plummet and it's got a 12-story drop with riders reaching speeds of up to 60 mph. We
definitely want to check that one out. That's why we start with the 2 to 10 day "Magic Your
Way" base ticket then purchase the Water Park Fun & More option. It's a great way to add
more Disney fun beyond the theme parks. We get a certain number of visits based on the
length of the ticket we purchased -- in this case 7 days so 7 visits. We can use each visit
to try out different experiences like Crush 'N' Gusher at Disney's Typhoon Lagoon Water
Park. In addition to the water parks, we can use our visits to challenge each other to
a rousing game of miniature golf at two unique courses: Disney's Winter Summerland Miniature
Golf Course and Disney's Fantasia Gardens Miniature Golf Course. We can also tee off
at the 9-hole walking Disney's Oak Trail Golf Course. Design our own rollercoaster, then
jump in a simulator and ride it at DisneyQuest Indoor Interactive Theme Park.
Well, Joel, it looks like we both made good choices for our family vacations here at the
Walt Disney World Resort. The Park Hopper option for visiting all 4 theme parks on the
same day, and the Water Park Fun & More option for experiencing fun outside the theme parks.
You know, Chrissy, you can actually add both of those ticket options to the same 2 to 10
day Magic Your Way Base Ticket. Maybe next vacation? We'll see you real soon!

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