The complaints fall into at least three categories: refusal to credit customer accounts or reimburse funds to customers; identity theft; and manipulation of software to.

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For many stocks, the end of the trading day tends to be the most active period for executed
volume. Over the last five years, the closing auction alone has increased 200% in some cases.
This growth has implications for those seeking to trade the close, so it’s important to
understand which types of names have the most liquidity during this period.
Our research shows that while market-on-close growth occurred across the market, S&P 500
names grew the most. Volumes tripled to almost 6% over the last five years, while Russell
2000 names doubled to more than 4%. ETFs are an outlier, with negligible auction volume.
Listing also matters. New York Stock Exchange-listed names had market-on-close volumes that were
around 0.7% higher than NASDAQ-listed Russell 2000 names, and 0.4% higher than NASDAQ-listed
S&P 500

names. So, for certain names in major indices, the
closing auction can be an excellent source of liquidity. But, order size and the potential
for market impact merit further consideration. Generally, orders under 20% of the close tend
to see less than four basis points of impact to the close on average, little or no reversion
the next day. If your order is greater than 20%, however, it’s worth considering trading
it into the close. An execution algorithm such as our VWAP or QMOC strategy can be utilized
to trade into the close while also accessing the closing auction. Orders must arrive ahead
of the auction cut-off in order to participate. Connect with us at Bank of America Merrill
Lynch to learn more, and stay tuned for more “16 in 16”

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