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Video Easy 4WD fix, Transfer case linkage adjustment and install (Work from home assembly jobs mn)

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Alright so sometimes with the four wheel drive on jeeps or off road vehicles it just starts
to go out. Sometimes when you shift the lever back it won’t, like, click into gear. I’ve
bought two jeeps already that have had that problem and I’ve fixed it with a 30 dollar
part. It’s basically this right here. This is a linkage adjuster. I’m going to show
you where it goes. Right now we’re just looking at a Wrangler. So if we get under
here, this is the transfer case bracket. And basically it just goes from the shifter to
the transfer case and I’ll show you where that’s at. Ok, so right here we have, you
know, we have the engine, the oil pan, the transfer case. Sorry the transfer case is
down there where it connects to the transmission. The part that we’re looking at is going
to connect these two bars right here. This is from the shifter up inside the cab, and
then that’s the lever that puts it into four wheel drive on the transfer case. So
once I get that piece into place we’ll know if

that’s the issue or not. So I have the
linkage part installed right now. You can adjust the tightness of it with this bolt
right here. I’m going to tighten it up a little bit. Anyway it has this arm, as the
shifter arm moves, this will adjust up and down. There are little rubber washers inside
of this that this part clips into. I just used a pair of channel locks to grab, you
know, on each side and kind of just press it into place. So now all we gotta do it test
it. There you go, four wheel drive works like a charm. So yeah, it’s a pretty simple fix.
You know, I’ve had a couple jeeps like I said before. Sometimes it’s just an adjustment
where you just have to move the linkage a little bit left or right. In this case it
was just missing the linkage all together. If you have any questions, be sure to leave
them in the comments. If this helped you “like” it and let me know. And then don’t forget
to subscribe. Thanks!

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