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Video Accessing Your Connected Home with Verizon Home Monitoring & Control (Work from home for verizon)

When you activate Verizon Home Monitoring allowing you to manage.

One of the strengths of Verizon's Home Monitoring and Control solution is that
it's integrated with the tools you use everyday
to make controlling your home as convenient as possible Your PC your smart phone
and your FiOS TV all become part of your home control solutions You can
control your home from wherever you are Think of how this could help during your
average workday It's mid-mornin and you're at work You access your MyVerizon account
with your name and password and you're able see the status of every controlled
device in your home
Whoops Junior left his bedroom light on agin With home control that's not a
That light is off with the click of your mouse And it doesn't bother you that you
have a contractor that needs to get in to your house later that morning because
you don't have to leave the key under the mat the way you used to Now a click of your mouse
lets him in
You can use Home Monitoring and Control from wherever you are
Download the app from your smartphone and you can set the temperature to check on
the dog from

So you spend the afternoon on the road visiting customers
Your smart phone not only notifies you when someone goes to the front door but
it also shows a video clip of who came home so you can check the video stream
in the family room to see if your kids are doing their homework
or playing video games Home Monitoring and Control integration continues to your FiOS TV
as well
The TV application what you see who's at the front door
turn down the heat, shut off the lights and secure the doors all from the comfort of
your favorite chair, not missing minute of of your favorite programming
On your pc when you login to your MyVerizon account you can check your
billing features and also set up your home monitoring and control service
you'll be able to see the status of each device on your home network, review video
clips, turn of a light, or let your kid in when she forgets her key
Once you see the power of home monitoring and control you'll be amazed that you ever got by
without it

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