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Video Binary Options UK Trader (Www firstbinaryoption com)

For More Info Visit: m How to Start binary trading if you UK residents, with top binary options uk regulated brokers by FCA.

Hi my name is Marc Ashwin, and I'm usually asked, how do you start trading if you are
a UK resident? Trading binary options for a UK resident is pretty much similar, to the
resident of any other country, and all you need to do is to open an account with a binary
option broker, and fund your account in order to start trading.
Another thing that might be of notice is the regulatory authorities. Binary option trading
is regulated in UK, and it's oversight by FCA, for Financial Conduct Authority formerly
known as FSA. So it's a good practice to check the broker you are selecting is regulated
by FCA. You can visit the FCA by typing, to your web browser and you will come up with
all the details of your brokers and the FCA website have to offer.
Next we will look a few of the brokers that are regulated as an FCA oversight. The first
binary option broker in our list is Banc De Binary. The website address is
It is among the most popular binary option broker, and it's regulated in both Cyprus
by CYSEC and in UK by FCA. The second broker we're going to check is option web. Option
web is also among the most popular binary option broker, and it's regulated in a host
of different countries including Cyprus, France, Italy and UK obviously by

FCA. It's not uncommon
to see FSA logo on a few websites, which is perfectly okay, as they have updated their
website. IG market -- IG market is a popular stock and forex trading broker, but probably
most might not know, that it also offers binary options as well. Their binaries are a bit
different than the regular binary options, offered by Banc De Binary or option web. You
can visit their binary option section, by going to our services and binaries and options.
There are a couple of unregulated binary options broker, as well which are pretty good and
generally really safe as well. So the first one or the only one that I'm going to show
you here is AnyOption, because I love this broker, and I have an account with them for
quite a long. So I do recommend that you check as well. They offer their services
to UK resident, though it's not regulated by FCA, but still it's a nice option to check.
That's it on Binary Options trading for UK residents. If you have any questions or comments
please leave them in the comment section below, and please also visit my website for more
information, that is, and thanks for watching.

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