TYPES OFROOMS IOUSE 1 Living room/sitting room 2 Bedroom. room 5 Bathroom 6 Study 7 TYPES OFHOUSES and BUILDINGS 8 A.

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- I don't think it's going to be that hard.
No, it's going to suck.
It's going to suck.
("Sugar Hill Full Rhythm" by Warner/Chappell Production Music)
- I have a doctor's appointment later this week
and I think I'm going to have to print out a map.
- I'm excited to have moments of being creative
instead of just being on my phone.
- I'm having a physical response to this right now.
(metallic clang)
So I've only walked this distance from BuzzFeed to my car,
and I've already reached into my pocket to make a call,
to check my e-mail, and to check my Facebook,
each on separate occasions.
- The struggle's pretty real.
- I'm still alive.
- This is getting impossible.
- This past weekend,
going to San Francisco was really, really, really hard.
I missed my friend's birthday party.
- So, I went to a party this past weekend.
On the left side of me, people were having a conversation.
On the right side of me, people were having a conversation.
And I didn't have a phone to look at
to keep me occupied, or anything.
- (bleeps) this!
I do not know where I am.
So, printing out map directions wasn't that bad,
but once I made a wrong turn, I had to use this tiny map
they print out to figure out how to correct it.
But on the other hand, people have used maps for centuries.
- So, today is Cinco de Mayo and I was going to Uber,
and then I realized that you can't use an Uber
without having a phone.
- I had to use a landline at Home Depot.
I don't really like asking people for favors,
and this one felt like a weird favor.
- I feel like my

thought processes are more sophisticated
because they're not constantly interrupted
by wanting to check something.
- I am, however, in fact, noticing
when other people seem distracted
because they might be on their phones on the road.
- I realize how many people are on their phones
all the time.
- Not having a cell phone makes you more culpable
to your word of, like, when you say something,
you sort of have to show up.
- Y'all really had made me realize
how much easier things are when you just have a cell phone
to connect with someone immediately.
- Doing this challenge has made me really appreciate
the privilege that comes with having a cell phone,
that I can connect with anyone, whenever I want,
at my leisure, or in an emergency.
And not everyone has that privilege.
- My focus improved a lot,
even just watching movies or watching TV shows.
- I would totally recommend every single person to do this.
- I was a lot more efficient with my time.
- It makes you look at the world again.
- I feel like this is taboo.
I feel like I'm not allowed to have this.
It's a weirdly emotional reunion, but I can live without it.
- I think I'll have a greater appreciation for my phone.
This is an awesome piece of technology.
- Yeah, I am connected.
I'm plugged back into the Matrix right now.
Downloading 144, 290, 401 e-mails.
This is crazy.
All right, now I can do banking.
That's cool.
I don't want those messages.
It's sometimes nice to be left alone.

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