Thus, with the stock closing September at 195,260, its trading at nearly a 30 discount to intrinsic value. More importantly, the letter said that Berkshire.

Video Trading. My Loss is your Gain (Zero balance forex)

Zero Sum game.

MAN ON PHONE: City, this is Eric.
Give me Elliot.
Hey, it's Will Emerson.
William, how are you?
I'm all right. How's strife?
Busting my ass, as always.
You see, that's what I tried to tell you, John. Why do you think I'm single?
I know you did. What can I do for you?
Listen. I just got the tap on my shoulder,
and we've got some risk over here that we need to move.
So today it looks like my loss is your gain.
What kind of size are we talking?
It should be on your screen. I just sent it.
Jesus! Where does this land?
96 on the dollar.
All three and we're done at 94.
Ninety-three and a half.
Hello, gorgeous.
Will, what's happening over there?
Well, today's moving day.
Fuck are you guys so worked up about?
You think they tell me anything? All I know is that today, my loss is your gain.
Now you're a friendly, so I've come to you first.
I got 270 mil at 15 year paying out a point and a half above par.
Where's it from?
Where's it from? Do you care?
No, not really.
Now, where's the trade?
You guys are scaring me a little.
I'm only sharing this with you right now. 85.

MAN ON PHONE: Deutsche.
It's Will Emerson.
Fuck you, you limey bastard.
Come on, are you still angry about that?
Word is out. I'm hanging up now.
MAN ON PHONE: Merrill.
What the fuck are you guys doing over there?
Just a little spring cleaning.
That is not what I'm hearing.
All right, Lawrence, are you a buyer?
I'm not sure anymore. Where at?
Well, it sounds like I should be asking you where at.
What are we talking about here?
Three hundred seventy-five mil at 30 year mixed.
Fuck me.
Are you with me on this?
Sixty-three cents.
Oh, fuck you. I'm hanging up.
Let me call my man here. k to you in five.
It may be 55 in 5.
Well, all right, then. Stay on the line.
Sam, pick up the phone.
Sam, get on the line!
I got Lawrence at Merrill.
Where are we?
Sixty-three cents.
On what?
375 mix 30.
Get him to 65 and hit it.
Are you fucking kidding me? That's...
What is that? That's a 1 million loss on a single trade.
I understand. Hit it.
Hey, Lawrence. We're fill or kill at 65.
It's filled.

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