What is Price Action Trading and How to Use it

In this video David Jones explains what is the strategy price action trading and how to use it.https://youtu.be/y5vFdozvcrk

How to Recognize False Breakouts

In today's video David Jones will be talking about one of the worst trading scenarios and that is the False Breakout. Textbooks say that...

4 Things to Always Do Before You Start Trading

Jump right in and make a profit immediately, That's what most people think will happen when they enter the world of trading. But there...

3 Most Common Trading Mistakes

In this video David draws our attention to some of the most frequent mistakes that traders make. From fighting the trend and opening positions...

Trading 212 Trading Strategies: How to Trade Reversals with Pin Bars

Trading 212 shows you how to identify reversals with pin bars. We guide you through what constitutes a valid pin bar setup and detail...

Trading 212 Trading Strategies: How to Trade Retracements

Trading 212 shows you how to find retracements and identify entry and exit points with Fibonacci numbers.https://youtu.be/Kz6-8nQLRHM

Fibonacci Retracements ” Finally revealed” by a Master Trader

Swing trading with Fibonacci retracements. Price profit targets have never been more clearly laid out.https://youtu.be/Hf_U00O1-uY

Day Trading Rules – Secret to Using Fibonacci Levels

Of the important day trading rules, knowing which Fibonacci levels will cause a high or low in price is critical. Of all the day...

How to Trade with Fibonacci Levels

This recording is from the Atlanta Meetup group where we discussed Trading with Fibonacci levels. In the meetup, we covered the following...

Mastering Trend Lines

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