Questions to ask your Forex & Cryptocurrency Broker

Questions to ask your Forex &; Cryptocurrency Broker When choosing a broker ,you pay for the service. but...
what is fundamental analysis

What is Fundamental Analysis

What is Fundamental analysis when we are talking about fundamental analysis in this case we are...

Galore Pro Forex Broker Review

Galore Pro Forex Broker Review  Broker Galore ProWebsite URL Platform Webtrader (tradersoft), Metatrader 4Minimum 1st Deposit $250Number of Assets 500+Special...

Use Demo, Do NOT Over Abuse It

Use Demo, Do NOT Over Abuse It All  psychologists say that every person needs to know...


FBS offers cryptocurrencies for their growning group of traders

FBS offers cryptocurrencies for the retail Trading Community. For those that do not know this broker , FBS is an international broker that has traders... Review

  Global Recovery Review there is no shortage of brokers that are looking to take your money - we have all come across some of...


AETOS CAPITAL GROUP Partners with SYDNEY FC’S AFC CHAMPIONS LEAGUE 2018 CAMPAIGN On December 18, AETOS Capital Group announced the official signing of the Sydney...

CMStrader Signals provider

CMStrader Signals provider is a proven signal Provider the Broker has earned the number 1 signal provider spot  4 years in a row. CMStrader, the number...


Use Demo, Do NOT Over Abuse It

Use Demo, Do NOT Over Abuse It All  psychologists say that every person needs to know itself and to know his or her own level...

Choosing your Broker

Choosing your broker the right way when you are to getting to the point of choosing your broker, We did most of the work in picking...


What is Margin in Forex?

When you first get involved in forex trading, there will be a variety of terms that you could come across. One of these terms is “margin”. Far from being intimidating, the margin is simply the amount of money you must contribute to open a new trade (position). review is one of the most popular trading platforms out there. The company was founded back in 2009, and so far, it has become one of the leading players in the trading world, and the platform has surpassed a user base of 100,000 active traders.

Consider These 6 Things While Picking a Crypto Forex Broker | NewsBTC

Cryptocurrencies are today one of the valuable financial assets. Thanks to their variety, volatility, and widespread usage, trading cryptos like Bitcoin and altcoins can potentially give a much better return over a short period of time than other traditional financial assets. It has created a demand for crypto-related investments and trading instruments, leading to a…
HYCM review forex facts

HYmarkets Forex Broker review 2019

HYmarkets Forex Broker review 2019 Company Background of HYmarkets While many firms do their best to impress you with their claims and purported benefits, there are...

Core Spreads Review 2020 – All You Need to Know Before Trading

See Our Best Rated Forex Broker 2020 Core Spreads is a trading brokerage that has its beginnings in London in 2014. It does its trading online. It offers various trading platforms, which makes it possible for traders to leverage their capital.

Plus500 Review – Examining a Leading CFD Broker

This review aims to help potential traders learn about the broker, as it is a leading provider of CFDs for options, indices, ETFs, cryptocurrencies, forex, and shares. Companyis based in the UK and has its main offices in London. Plus500UK Ltd is a Plus500 Ltd subsidiary, with that company found on the London Stock Exchange…
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Forex Facts

when we are talking about forex trading  we re talking about cryptocurrency trading and everything that comes with this , This is a much larger industry then people assume when they are thinking about trading Forex.

a Whole new world is openingn up for them , when we talk about forex Trading Signals, Forex Calendar, algorithmic trading, cfd trading, forex news, cfd trading, forex news, forex rates and everything relatedto the fiIndustry in general.

there is just too much information about forex and to much to Learn about forex for one website or source to fill it all.

so where does one look for information about forex?

Well there are websites like forex Factory that are feedback sites ( this is the best one) and there are informative websites like ” investing” that provide daily news , and then there are other sites like Forex Facts that try to go for the Niche of the Beginning trader and people that want a more general inform,ative approach to to the Forex Market.

people that look for apps for forex trading, or bitcoin technical analysis should check out or partner sites

And for those that find the best broker for forex but have no idea how to judge forex brokers on the trading services for the forex exchange or traders that just look to get free forex signals, how to trade forex in another way . there is this Site

Forex Facts will try to accommodate these Traders, Enjoy